B2B enterprises from various industries can effectively meet their diverse needs by harnessing the power of the KYC Hungary Platform. This highly versatile and customizable KYC solution seamlessly integrates with different online systems, providing robust and adaptable protocols.

Banking and Finance

The finance sector faces a higher occurrence of fraudulent activities compared to other industries, characterized by a notable surge in data breaches and instances of identity theft. To tackle the illicit use of financial instruments, banks must conduct customer risk assessments during their onboarding processes. Digital identity verification solutions play a crucial role in validating customer information, utilizing data from authorized sources like prominent credit bureaus and government databases. These systems possess the capability to differentiate between customers with substantial credit backgrounds and those with limited credit records.

Banking and Finance


For global adoption of cryptocurrency to thrive, it must overcome skepticism and scrutiny by meeting specific criteria. However, successfully addressing these concerns holds the potential to revolutionize financial transactions and money management, ushering in a more accessible and decentralized financial system that benefits all. Balancing efficient onboarding processes with customer retention empowers businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in repeated transactions and positive referrals.



Regtech provides businesses with effective tools to meet their regulatory compliance requirements through technology. KYC Hungary specializes in offering regulatory technology solutions to fintech enterprises, ensuring adherence to financial regulations. Our main focus revolves around automating and digitizing KYC and AML procedures. Through our identity verification solutions, financial institutions can authenticate their customers, effectively preventing fraud, managing risks, and complying with due diligence guidelines.



Our ID verification platform empowers you to authenticate and validate potential customers effectively, ensuring the utmost security for your sensitive official database. Safeguard your business from identity fraud and mitigate the risks associated with money laundering through our robust KYC solutions.



Identity fraud poses a substantial risk to insurance companies across various sectors, including healthcare, life, property, casualty, and specialty insurance, along with policyholders. KYC Hungary specializes in this area, leveraging deep expertise to streamline the application process, minimize fraudulent claims, and foster trust in claim processing procedures. By utilizing our identity verification solutions, you can expedite approvals and enhance the efficiency of claims handling, benefiting both your organization and valued customers.


Online Gaming

The gaming industry recognizes the significance of identity authentication, particularly for age verification in cases where customers are not physically present. To prevent identity theft and unauthorized access of underage individuals to age-restricted video games, gaming companies must integrate comprehensive identity verification solutions into their existing systems. Implementing these solutions effectively detects various forms of fraud, such as identity, device, location, and activity-based fraud, mitigating risks and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Online Gaming

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